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Creating "wisdom rock" with innovative technology

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"On January 10 this year, when President Xi handed the flag to the armed police force, he stressed that we should increase reform and innovation, improve quality and efficiency, and strive to build a strong and modern armed police force." Guan Yanmi, director of the equipment department of the armed police force, recalled the situation at the flag ceremony and said that only by continuously strengthening scientific and technological innovation can the modernization level of weapons and equipment be improved.
After the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China closed, the Party committee of the armed police force proposed to build a "smart rock" project supported by science and technology, among which the sentinel information terminal and face recognition system are particularly attractive. The application of these duty information systems realizes the organic combination of personnel, equipment and information technology, and promotes the shift of duty work from human intensive to technology intensive.
Only innovators advance, only innovators are strong. On March 12, when attending the plenary meeting of the PLA and the armed police delegation, President Xi stressed that we should pay close attention to the development trend of world military science and technology and weapons and equipment, focus on the collaborative innovation of military and civilian science and technology in key fields, promote the demonstration and implementation of major science and technology projects, and strive to seize the strategic commanding point of science and technology innovation.
"To thoroughly study and implement President Xi's major strategic thinking of invigorating the military through science and technology, we should firmly establish the concept of great security and great duty, and promote the" wisdom rock "project to expand and extend to the" six in one "task in an all-round way." Guan Yanmi said that as an important part of the "wisdom rock" project, equipment construction should adhere to the mission and task traction, scientific and technological innovation promotion, and civil military integration development, so as to provide strong support for the armed police forces to fulfill their missions and tasks in the new era.


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