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Construction and development of big data platform for the intelligent rock project solution of the armed police force

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    All regions strongly support the construction of smart projects. The use of Internet, computer, cloud computing, big data and other technologies can solve the problems of low level of informatization, lack of centralized control and high maintenance cost. The intelligent rock system of the armed police force was born to solve all kinds of pain points.
The construction goal of the smart rock project is: instead of carrying out large-scale demolition and construction and pushing it to a new stage, we should, based on the existing ideas of "utilizing the old, integrating and upgrading", realize the maximization of information function, systematization of duty deployment, globalization of vigilance control and pre orientation of response means through upgrading, function expansion, integration and docking, and optimization and adjustment, so as to enhance the safety factor, Better ensure the safety of the target and better fulfill the mission.
    Introduce the construction of big data platform, combine various types of data of the armed police force with the intelligent rock system, analyze the daily dynamics of the armed police force, and early warn the abnormal situation in advance.
The intelligent rock system is developed through six aspects: duty control, access control, perimeter control, mobile duty, and expansion promotion. At the same time, through the management and control method of multi duty control platform (grass-roots business platform) and service situation analysis platform (grass-roots data platform), we can break through all kinds of data and information interaction barriers such as duty, alarm, voice, video and equipment operation among squadrons, detachment and corps, and break the information island. It provides data support and control means for the auxiliary decision-making and optimal management of the commanders of the detachment and corps, and controls the situation of the grass-roots squadron in real time. The two platforms can provide business and data support for the headquarters integrated command platform.
Intelligent rock system can optimize duty mode and strengthen information combat effectiveness. All day control camp, save human resources. It is a major political task to deepen the implementation of the idea of building a strong army and speed up the modernization of the armed police force.
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