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Fctel technology tells you what is the wisdom rock project of the armed police force?

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    It is often said that the security system has three parts: civil defense, material defense and technical defense. Its main definition is as follows: Civil Air Defense: is the basis of security. The traditional "civil air defense" refers to the display of people's natural ability in the security work. That is: the use of human senses to detect and respond, through the human physical play to delay and stop the occurrence of risk events. Next, let's introduce in detail what is the intelligent rock project of the armed police force by the editor of Fctel technology? Interested friends come and have a look!
The modern "civil air defense" refers to an organized preventive behavior of personnel or groups of personnel with corresponding quality who perform security tasks, including the cultivation of high-quality personnel, the configuration of advanced self-defense equipment, and the organization and management of personnel. The sensitivity is adjustable and the detection distance is long. The battery low power prompt reminds the user to replace the battery in time. Timing self-test (fault prompt): send battery status code to host every 1 hour (used with specific host).
    In the smart rock project, the application platform can receive and process all kinds of alarm signals within the management scope of the platform in real time, including high-voltage power grid alarm, space positioning alarm of key places in the confinement room, emergency button alarm, illegal access control switch alarm, abnormal sound alarm, physiological abnormal alarm, fire alarm, fence alarm, emergency alarm in the monitoring room, one button alarm, emergency alarm in the control room Personnel positioning alarm, etc. All kinds of prison alarm information, according to different levels, are processed by "prison control center" and "prison command center".
What does the wisdom rock project include?
    After an alarm occurs in the intelligent rock project, according to the needs of the prison emergency plan and safety management, it can quickly locate on the map, the icon of the alarm point will automatically flash, and prompt the personnel on duty to deal with it quickly through sound and light. After the icon flashes for a certain period of time, the platform will automatically start the pre-set linkage scheme, and the smart rock project will switch the camera image deployed near the alarm point to the TV wall of the command center to obtain the effective scene for the use of the dispatching command.
The hospital IP network networking alarm system fully considers the expansibility of the system and its equipment to ensure that the scale can meet the expansion needs for a long time in the future, and will not have to eliminate the existing system or be forced to carry out large-scale transformation due to the growing security needs. In addition to scalability, the compatibility of the system and its equipment is also an important index of the advanced system.
    Advanced systems and equipment should have wide compatibility horizontally. On the one hand, they can be compatible with different or the same security equipment of various mainstream brands, protocols and manufacturers, so as to make extensive use of advanced technologies and equipment for system expansion and upgrading. On the other hand, they can be widely compatible with other relevant weak current systems in communication protocol, In order to integrate with other systems seamlessly into an advanced integrated system. Vertically, it should be compatible with all kinds of new and old technologies and equipment to lay a good foundation for the normal operation and maintenance of the system.
    Well, the above content is about what is the intelligent rock project of the armed police force? This question related to the detailed introduction, I hope to help you! Fctel technology is a professional manufacturer of optical terminals, optical fiber transceivers, industrial switches and protocol converters, with independent R & D brand. Welcome to understand and exchange. email:ethan@fctel.com.cn


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