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Introduction of system composition of Fetel science and technology - Intelligent Rock Project of Armed Police Force

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    Based on the construction of five defense integration, the intelligent rock engineering of the armed police forces integrates various advanced intelligent detection, identification, control and other related technologies. Through integrating command, monitoring, protection, alarm, communication and disposal elements, the intelligent information management, environmental intelligent analysis, general road intelligent prevention, monitoring intelligent identification, dangerous situation intelligent perception, gun and ammunition intelligent control are realized Intelligent functions such as intelligent disposal of situation, and the information system of the armed police force on duty supported by scientific and technological means is constructed. Next we will give you a detailed introduction to the system composition of the intelligent rock project of the armed police, let's take a look at it together!
1、 1 system composition
This scheme is designed with stable performance, simple operation, clear image and easy to upgrade, considering five aspects: peripheral barrier system, information perception system, integrated alarm system, joint defense and joint control system and basic support system, so as to realize the visualization of service management, real-time operation command and intelligent security prevention, Further realize the construction of science and technology.
1、 1.1 peripheral barrier system
1、 1.1.1 AB door control system
1. Dynamic face recognition system: deploy special camera for face recognition in important channels and key positions, cooperate with background intelligent analysis server, capture and compare personnel identity information in real time. When non list database personnel are detected, warning information will pop up automatically on the sentry integrated box to improve verification efficiency and reduce duty pressure.
2. Biometric access control subsystem: realize various verification methods, AB door independent verification, auxiliary guard duty, remote real-time control, state real-time perception, emergency door opening and closing, linkage post duty, etc., and realize the integration of air defense, material defense, technical defense and joint defense of gate AB, and establish emergency response mechanism for emergency events, It provides strong technical support for the security management of the supervision area.
3. Vehicle identification and automatic vehicle stop system: establish license plate recognition subsystem, automatically collect, identify and record vehicle license plate information, and linkage gateway control; Establish automatic vehicle stop system, install the flap or column type anti-collision equipment, control and block the vehicle traffic according to the vehicle identification, and lock it in linkage in case of alarm.
1、 1.1.2 security inspection system
Safety inspection subsystem: provide security inspection facilities such as safety inspection door, hand-held metal detector, X-ray machine and other security inspection facilities at the target entrance and exit, and connect with linkage alarm system to effectively check the personnel entering the supervision area and the articles carried.
Vehicle bottom detection subsystem: establish the underbody scanning subsystem, detect the condition of entering and leaving the vehicle bottom, and prevent the hidden bombs, weapons, biochemical dangerous goods and personnel from entering the target place illegally;
1、 1.1.3 guard system of whistle:
The access and exit of the post shall be visual intercommunication with the duty room, and the biological authentication shall be conducted on the guard terminal. After the sentry in the duty room confirms that the information is correct, the remote authorization of the door opening shall be carried out through the access control intercom host or system software to ensure the security of the post.
1、 1.1.4 auxiliary disposal system
1. Acoustooptic strike dispersion system: as a typical non lethal weapon, the intelligent monitoring and alarming sound-optic directional strike dispersion system can forcibly drive the threatening terrorist within 100 meters, and can control and strike illegal gathering, petitioning, and terrorists quickly and effectively, and can play an important role in warning, deterrence and strike. It has added a most important security line for the security of the perimeter of the warning area.
2. Patrol and control and lighting system: the automatic patrol and control searchlight is installed in the sentry building, which has the functions of automatic patrol control, manual operation and alarm linkage. When the alarm is given, the searchlight can automatically linkage to the alarm area. The lighting has blind effect, and the lighting exposure area can cause temporary blindness of the human eye.
1、 1.1.5 UAV reaction system
By suppressing interference on UAV remote control data link and navigation link, the communication between UAV and remote control equipment is cut off, and the "low slow and small" aircraft entering the target is forced to land or drive away, so as to prevent external personnel from delivering prohibited goods through UAV and illegally collecting video data to ensure the safety of the target.
1、 1.2 information perception system
1、 1.2.1 video monitoring system
The network HD camera (gun, ball machine, cloud platform, panorama, etc.) is installed in the duty post, duty room, standby room, target gate, camp commanding point, army assembly place and training field, and a video monitoring system covering the whole area is constructed.
1、 1.2.2 video analysis system
The system has the detection functions of personnel wandering, personnel gathering, regional invasion, trip line alarm, object legacy, and moving of static objects. According to the task needs, the system can customize the event type, defense time and alarm rules. The system automatically analyzes and compares the video information intelligently, and identifies the abnormal personnel, abnormal behaviors, abnormal states and abnormal objects in the supervision and control area Capture, track, alarm, and send alarm information to the armed police squadron duty room and guard house monitoring duty room pop-up display.
1、 1.2.3 sentinel integration system
1. Post management and control subsystem: comprehensively upgrade the original post management and control system, keep the functions of original alarm linkage, voice intercom, broadcast call, telephone communication, ammunition box control, etc., upgrade and expand the functions of monitoring, mutual control of all staff, whole process control, video retrieval, cloud station operation, electronic map, patrol alarm, etc., and realize intelligent service management, The real-time operation command can effectively improve the operational capability of the armed police force.
2. On duty status monitoring subsystem: real time perception of abnormal behaviors of the staff on duty, automatic identification, warning, correction and record of disciplinary violations such as off duty, dozing, playing with weapons, and improper police capacity.
3. Face check and whistle changing subsystem: a new face recognition and duty changing module is added to replace traditional fingerprint search and whistle changing module, and information such as investigation, shift and duty formation are automatically recorded.
1、 1.2.4 4g/5g wireless map transmission system
The armed police squadron is equipped with wireless map transmission equipment based on 4g/5g network encryption system. The armed police escort vehicles are equipped with on-board terminals, and individual soldiers are equipped with hand-held terminals to transmit voice, video, positioning, alarm information, and realize visual control of escort service through the control platform.
1、 1.2.5 integrated communication system
The three networks of armed police can be integrated deeply, and the integration interconnection and unified scheduling of heterogeneous communication networks such as IP voice, analog voice, whistle intercom, short wave, ultra short wave, barracks broadcasting, etc. The armed police force can timely and accurately transmit information when they are on duty, handling emergencies and carrying out counter-terrorism tasks. The command center can quickly and accurately locate the scene and duty on duty, and comprehensively improve the command efficiency of the armed police force.
1、 1.2.6 gun branch control system
1. Intelligent gun cabinet control subsystem: standardize the process of gun ammunition recovery in the preparation room by intelligent control means, replace the complicated manual management, reduce the management loopholes caused by human factors, and make the gun ammunition management more standardized, networked, information and intelligent.
2. Gun departure alarm subsystem: adopt dual frequency RFID technology to automatically detect the status of the duty gun at the guard post. Once the gun leaves the designated area or the gun label is damaged, it will send the alarm information to the duty room of the squadron combat service to meet the requirements of the information management of the guns of the army.
1、 1.2.7 UAV patrol system
The system supports the patrol of the target area by means of manual remote control or automatic cruise, and realizes the monitoring of the target area in a large range and beyond the sight distance, and the monitoring screen is transmitted back to the squadron combat service duty room in real time.
1、 1.3 integrated alarm system
1、 1.3.1 manual alarm
The front-end device of manual trigger of the sentry and the handheld terminal equipped with wireless trigger alarm during patrol shall be installed at the guard position; The operator shall install the inherited light, display and sound alarm terminal in the camp, and display five different alarm signals. The alarm status and plan measures can be prompted by the LED screen scrolling subtitle and horn.
1、 1.3.2 high voltage grid alarm
High voltage grid device is installed on the upper middle or top of the inner part of the monitoring wall, and the control end and operation status of the high voltage grid are connected to the duty room or duty post of the squadron. When the situation of the network touch is found, the system automatically detects the alarm situation and outputs pulse high voltage continuously to knock down the personnel on the scene, effectively preventing the criminals from escaping.
1、 1.3.3 virtual out of bounds alarm
The virtual warning line or warning area is defined based on video mobile detection technology by using video monitoring inside and outside the monitoring wall, which can realize intelligent cross-border alarm, automatic tracking and capture and automatic video storage.
1、 1.3.4 radar alarm
By combining phased array radar with video analysis, the dynamic intelligent perception of the perimeter is carried out all day, which has strong environmental adaptability and intelligence, improves the detection performance of all weather and all day, and reduces the false alarm and leakage alarm rate.
1、 1.3.5 laser radiation alarm
The warning line is formed by the multi beam laser beam modulated by invisible light. The perimeter, plane and three-dimensional space are closed by blocking alarm.
1、 1.3.6 tension fence
The warning area is formed by the metal cable, and the alarm is induced according to the tension change of the front fence. It has the functions of relaxation, tension, cutting, demolition and power off alarm.
1、 1.3.7 vibration optical cable
The warning area is constructed by the way of fence or ground embedded vibration cable at the target perimeter, and alarm information is sent when the surface weak pressure is detected, which is suitable for use in irregular perimeter, inflammable and explosive places.
1、 1.3.8 geomagnetism (leakage cable)
The system is of high concealment type, which is caused by the shallow burial of the surface or parallel installation of the wall in the warning area, which forms the column electromagnetic field. When the human body or metal body moves in the magnetic field, the magnetic field disturbance triggers the alarm.
1、 1.4 joint defense linkage system
1、 1.4.1 cooperative communication system
The duty room, preparation room and duty post of the armed police squadron are equipped with the telephone and radio station (Interphone) of the guard house, and establish the cable and wireless cooperative communication with the guard house. To realize the comprehensive improvement of the joint emergency response capacity.
1、 1.4.2 alarm linkage system
The combat service duty room of the armed police squadron and the watch room of the guard house shall establish alarm linkage means to realize the bidirectional real-time linkage of police situation, and improve the cooperation winning ability and emergency disposal level.
1、 1.5 foundation support system
1、 1.5.1 command and communication means
1. Cable telephone communication: the duty room and duty post of the armed police squadron are connected to the optical cable network of the armed police, the special network telephone and the guard station telephone (the duty room of the unit with conditions can be installed with the local telephone), the telephone recording system is connected, and the clear, stable and searchable wired voice communication connection is established.
2. Digital cluster (ultra short wave) communication: the duty room of the armed police squadron is equipped with a digital cluster (ultra short wave) vehicle platform, handheld station and guard house wireless communication terminal conforming to the communication system of the armed police force. The sentinel is equipped with a digital cluster (ultra short wave) handheld station, which has the ability of no line communication in the duty area, and establishes smooth and stable wireless voice communication communication.
3. Satellite communication: for the area where the signal of escort service digital cluster (ultra short wave) cannot be covered, the escorting group can provide "tiantong-1" S-band satellite terminal as an emergency communication means according to the actual situation.
4. 4g/5g public network voice communication: escort the service data cluster (ultra short wave) signal cannot cover the area, and the individual soldier is equipped with PTT intercom mobile phone and other public network voice communication handheld terminals as emergency communication means.
1、 1.5.2 on duty information system
1. Integrated service management and control system: the system integrates command, monitoring, protection, alarm, communication, on duty information management and other elements, centralized control of various front-end equipment, realizes the basic functions of duty management and control, investigation management, equipment configuration, record query, and assists daily management and command control of service;
2. Service data analysis system: collect basic data of duty duty, AB door control, gun departure, intelligent gun cabinet, video analysis, etc., and have the service data analysis function.
3. Computing storage system: the equipment such as hard disk video recorder, network storage equipment, streaming media storage server and other equipment are installed in the equipment room of the armed police squadron, which stores all kinds of video, image, text and other data information, and stores the audio and video data of each class for not less than 90 days, and the data of various duty on duty shall be stored for not less than 1 year, meeting the specific requirements for different data storage periods.
OK, the above content is the relevant detailed introduction of the system composition of the intelligent rock project of the armed police force, and I hope it can help you! Feichang technology is a professional manufacturer of optical terminals, optical fiber transceivers, industrial switches and protocol converters, with independent R & D brand. Welcome to understand and exchange.email: ethan@fctel.com.cn


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