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Ordering Process

When customer decide to place the order, Fctel sales people will confirm details before starting to produce the goods. In this article,we will introduce about the product ordering process. 
Usually we offer very fast lead time. for the common equipments, such as 4/8/16E1 to Ethernet converter, 4/8/16/30 channels FXS/FXO E1 Voice Multiplexer, ususally will Fctele 3-5 days lead time.
After customer confirm an order,then 
1.The sales of Fctel company will contact with customers about ordering information. For example: for 4/8/16E1 to Ethernet converter, will confirm with you the E1 connector is BNC 75ohm or RJ45 120ohm? Mini size or 19inch 1U? For 4/8/16/30 channels FXS/FXO E1 Voice Multiplexer, If need E&M or Ethernet etc,if need SNMP or not? the model number of the devices? And so on 
2. Fctel will issue the signed and stamp PI including price and quantity,and total amount,bank details etc
3.customer remit the payment,and send us the bank slip ( for the first time cooperation cutomer)
4.Fctel start to produce the goods 
5.during the producing period,Fctel sales will update you the production situation,if need, will Fctele picture of the device for confirmation
 6.Fctel will inform customer in advance about production finishing time 
7.inform cusotmer remit the payment 
8. After Fctel confirm the payment,arrange the shippment and will update you the goods arrival situation.
Following is the Schematic diagram of process step:
Ordering Process